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Taylor Microwave

Taylor Microwave's history in microwave components has resulted in more than one thousand custom designs developed to meet specific customer requirements. Many of the catalog products can be customized to meet specific frequency, power and configuration requirements.

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Product portfolio of Taylor Microwave

  • Solid State Attenuators up to 20 GHz

  • Bias Tees up to 40 GHz (High Voltage, High Power, up to 50A, custom solutions)

  • Couplers up to 18 GHz (Directional, Dual, Hybrids)

  • Power Dividers up to 40 GHz

  • Phase Shifters up to 20 GHz (Digital & Analog)

  • Oscillators up to 18 GHz

  • Pin Diode Switches up to 40 GHz (SP2T-SP32T, custom solutions)

  • Integrated sub-assemblies

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