Waveguide Filter up to 325 GHz (Bandpass, Lowpass & Highpass Filter)

Waveguide Filters up to 325 GHz

  • Waveguide Bandpassfilters up to 325 GHz (WR19 to WR3)
  • Fullband Waveguide Bandpassfilters (WR19 to WR5)
  • Waveguide Highpassfilters (WR15 to WR5)
  • Waveguide Lowpassfilters (WR19 to WR6)
  • custom Waveguide Filters upon request
  • low cost, fast lead times
  • many stock items

We offer a very large product range for different types of Waveguide Filters for E-Band W-Band, D-Band and other frequency application. Also Fullband version of Waveguide Bandpassfilters.

Feel free to send us your request.