D-Band Components 110-170 GHz for 5G and 6G application

We are offering a wide range of different WR6 (D-Band) components for 5G and 6G application in a frequency range from 110-170 GHz.

Our range consists of the following

  • WR6 Waveguide PA’s and LNA’s – Fullband/Narrowband
  • WR6 Waveguide Filters – BPF’s, LPF’s, HPF‘s
  • WR6 Waveguide Multipliers – Fullband/Narrowband, High Power versions
  • WR6 Waveguide Attenuators – Fixed, Variable, Direct Reading versions
  • WR6 Tx/Rx Modules – WR6 Transmitter & Receiver modules
  • WR6 Waveguide Detectors
  • WR6 Waveguide Mixers
  • WR6 Waveguide Couplers – also multiport versions
  • WR6 Noise Sources
  • WR6 Bends/Straights/Twists
  • WR6 Waveguide Antennas – Lens Horns, Standard Gain Horns…
  • WR6 Waveguide Termination Loads
  • WR6 Waveguide Magic Tees
  • WR6 Frequency Extenders
  • WR6 Bench Top Amplifiers – Fullband, Narrowband, PA’s and LNA’s
  • WR6 Up/Down Converters

Feel free to send us your requests and we would be happy to assist you with our quotes.