Broadband Power Amplifier 10MHz-70 GHz

Broadband Power Amplifier 10MHz-70 GHz

AT Microwave provides broadband amplifier from 10MHz-70GHz with and output power =+15dBm and NF=6dB. They can be used both as Power amplifier or Low noise amplifier.

The broadband amplifier has high gain, high linearity, low input/output return loss and flat gain response. Bench-top test equipment type with 110-240V power supply is available according to request.

There are 4 different 10MHz-70 GHz Broadband Power Amplifier Modules available

  • 18dB Gain version – AT-BB-0070-1815C
  • 30dB Gain version – AT-BB-0070-3015C
  • 40dB Gain version – AT-BB-0070-4015C
  • 50dB Gain version – AT-BB-0070-5015L

Most of the modules are in stock, so the lead times are very short. Also the price is very competitive to other US companies.

The advantages of the AT Broadband Power Amplifiers are:

  • Frequency: 10MHz-70GHz
  • Psat:+15dBm
  • Small signal gain: 18dB, 30dB, 40dB and 50dB
  • Single Power Supply

These Broadband Power Amplifiers are used for 5G communication, Test Equipment, ROF (RF Over Fiber) or Radar systems.

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