Waveguide Components
up to 750 GHz

Find here a selection of solutions for waveguide components from our versatile portfolio.

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  • Waveguide to Coax Adapters WR2300-WR10

  • End Launch Adapters

  • Double Ridged Adapters

  • Right Angle Adapters

  • Microstrip Adapters

  • Elliptical to Rectangular Adapters

  • Circular to Waveguide Adapters


Waveguide Amplifiers up to 230 GHz

  • LNA’s & PA’s for U-Band, V-Band, E-Band, W-Band, F-Band, D-band, H-band


  • Standard Gain Horn Antennas up to 325 GHz from WR2300-WR3

  • Wideband Horn Antennas 200 MHz-40 GHz

  • Conical Horn Lens Antennas

  • Circulary Polarized Horn Antennas up to 40 GHz

  • Omni Directional Antennas for MMDS transmitting Systems


  • Fixed & Variable Attenuators up to 325 GHz (WR28-WR3)

  • Voltage Variable Attenuators up to 110 GHz (WR19-WR10)

  • Direct Reading Attenuators up to 325 GHz


Waveguide Bends up to 500 GHz

  • E-Plane (WR430-WR2)

  • H-Plane (WR430-WR2)


Waveguide Circulators up to 170 GHz from WR650 to WR6

  • Low Power & High Power, Fullband available


  • Directional Coupler up to 325 GHz (WR28-WR3)

  • Broadwall Couplers (WR650-WR28)

  • Crossgiude Couplers (WR430-WR28)

  • Single & Dual Directional Loop Coupler (WR650-WR90)

Detector Mounts

  • Detectors up to 325 GHz (WR22-WR3)


  • Waveguide Diplexer from WR430-WR75

Flexible & Twistable Waveguide

  • Flexible & Twistable Waveguide (WR284-WR28)

  • Flexible Seamless Waveguide (WR770-WR28)

  • Flexible Double Ridged Waveguide


Waveguide Filters up to 400 GHz

  • Bandpass Filters

  • Highpass Filters

  • Low Pass Filters


Waveguide Gasket from WR650-WR28

  • Rectangular

  • Circular


Waveguide Isolators up to 170 GHz

  • Low Power & High Power, Fullband available

Magic Tees

Magic Tees from WR2300 to WR6

  • E-Plane Tees

  • H-Plane Tees


Waveguide Multipliers up to 170 GHz (WR22-WR6)

  • for Q-Band, U-Band, V-Band, E-Band, W-Band, F-Band & D-band

  • Active & Passive Multiplier X2, X4, X6, X8 X12 version

Near Field Probes

Waveguide Near Field Probes up to 325 GHz (WR1000-WR3)

Power Dividers

  • Waveguide Divider up to 40 GHz (WR340-WR28)

Rotary Joints

Rotary Joints up to 40 GHz (WR284-WR28)

  • Single Channel Rotary Joints

  • Dual Channel Rotary Joints


  • Flange Shims and Pressure Windows up to 110 GHz (WR2300-WR10)


  • Waveguide Shorts up to 225 GHz (WR2300-WR5)


  • Straight Waveguide up to 750 GHz (WR750-WR1.5)

  • Circular Straight Waveguides


  • Waveguide Switches up to 110 GHz (WR10 – WR975)

  • Waveguide MMIC based Switch up to 110 GHz (WR19-WR10)

  • Double Ridge Waveguide Switches up to 18 GHz (WRD110 to WRD750)

  • Dual Waveguide Switches up to 33 GHz (WR34 to WR229)


Waveguide Terminations up to 225 GHz (WR2300-WR5)

  • Low Power Terminations

  • Medium Power Terminations

  • High Power Terminations


Waveguide Transitions up to 325 GHz (WR510-WR3)

  • Rectangular to Rectangular Transitions

  • Rectangular to Circular Transitions


Twistable Waveguides up to 750 GHz (WR430-WR1.5)

  • 45° & 90° version

  • custom version available

Tx Rx Modules

  • Tx Rx Waveguide Modules up to 170 GHz (WR15-WR6)

Our manufacturer portfolio for Waveguide Components

We work with highly qualified, international manufacturers of Waveguide Components for your demand-oriented and cost-efficient solution.

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