WR-04 Waveguide Low Noise Amplifier & Power Amplifiers up to 260 GHz

bq-microwave offers a wide range of different Waveguide PA’s and Waveguide LNA’s from WR28 to WR3 up to 270 GHz. There are fullband waveguide amplifiers, high power waveguide amplifiers, medium power waveguide amplifiers, narrow-band waveguide amplifiers and high linear waveguide amplifiers in different waveguide bands and frequency ranges available.

We want to introduce our WR-04 Waveguide Low Noise Amplifier modules and WR-04 Waveguide Power Amplifier modules.

WR-04 Waveguide Low Noise Amplifiers

  • Model # 1 Frequency Range 195-230 GHz, 18dB Gain
  • Model # 2 Frequency Range 210-260 GHz, 15dB Gain

each of those modules has noise figure of 8dB.

WR-04 Waveguide Power Amplifiers

  • Model # 1 Frequency 195-220 GHz,18dB Gain, +10dBm PSAT
  • Model # 2 Frequency 210-230 GHz, 15dB Gain, +12dBm PSAT
  • Model # 3 Frequency 210-230 GHz, 10dB Gain, +20dBm PSAT
  • Model # 4 Frequency 210-230 GHz, 25dB Gain, +20dBm PSAT

The WR-04 Waveguide Amplifiers are used for H Band Communication, FOD (Foreigner Objects Debris), Test Equipment, ROF (RF Over Fiber) and Radar Systems.

If you need further information about the prices and lead times, please contact us through our contact form on the website or send us an email to info@bq-microwave.de