We are happy to announce, that we have signed an
Distributor agreement with a mmWave solution provider from
Taiwan, TMYTEK.

Established in Taiwan in 2014, TMYTEK is dedicated to solving all the mmWave
challenges in the 5G/B5G era.
As a mmWave total solution provider, TMYTEK builds mmWave phased arrays for 5G
and satellite markets with advanced Antenna-in-Package (AiP) technology. ORAN has
listed TMYTEK as an alliance contributor. Our XBeam resolves the slow OTA testing
issue in mass production lines to verify the billions of mmWave modules, smartphones,
and base stations before shipping. TMYTEK also builds mmWave tools to make R&D
more productive.
Fortune 500 companies and top universities have adopted our BBox (a ready-to-use
beamformer) and UD Box (a wideband up/down converter) as their mmWave
engineering tool kits.

TMYTEK’s product range:

  • BBox One (16 Channel)
  • BBox Lite (4 Channel)
  • UD Box – Up & Down Converter Box (RF 24-44 GHz, IF 0.01-14 GHz)
  • Phase Locked Oscillators up to 45 GHz in 3 bands (SMT Module, EVA Board & Connectorized Module)
  • Microwave Components (Bandpass Filters, Baluns, Bias Tees & DC-Blocks)

For more information, please visit www.tmytek.com