Project Description


Rosnol RF/Microwave Technology's goal is to develop technologies that enable the RF and microwave industry to develop faster, simplify production and eliminate complexity.

Rosnol achieves this goal through intensive research, product development and advanced and carefully controlled production. They have decades of experience in the development of high power microwave components and have demonstrated extensive knowledge with state of the art test and measurement equipment (suitable for measurements from DC-50 GHz). Designs are validated using the latest CAD and simulation software as well as proprietary design software.

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Product portfolio of Rosnol

  • Adapter up to 67 GHz (Straight, Right Angle, Bulkhead & Panel Version)

  • Cable Assemblies up to 67 GHz

  • Connectors up to 67 GHz (Cable, Bulkhead & Panel Version)

  • Attenuators up to 50 GHz

  • Terminations up to 50 GHz

  • DC-Blocks up to 40 GHz

  • Torque Wrenches

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