Wright Tech

Wright Technologies, Inc. is a microwave electronics manufacturing company based in the Sierra Mountain Foothills of California.

The founders of Wright Technologies, Inc. are a group of microwave and other professionals who have over 50 years of combined experience in manufacturing and development.

Wright Technologies, Inc. employs the latest microwave and millimeter wave technology.

The products offered by our company are based on GaAs PHEMT, MESFET, IMFET and microwave MMIC devices using thin film technology. Wright Technologies uses balanced, distributed, and feedback designs in multi-octave and narrow band amplifiers, multipliers, subsystems, and converters. Our products cover the frequency spectrum from 0.1 GHz up to 96 GHz.

Product portfolio of Wright Tech

  • Amplifier up to 96 GHz

  • Active Frequency Multiplier up to 67 GHz (Doublers, Triplers & Quadruplers)

  • Up/Down Converters up to 40 GHz (x2 LO, X4 LO)

  • Custom Components