Project Description


XMA Corporation was formed in 2003 through the acquisition of the Omni Spectra® product line from MA/Com Inc, Lowell, Massachusetts. Omni Spectra's 30+ year heritage is well known in the RF and microwave industry and has been recognized as the "gold standard" when it comes to quality, performance and value.

XMA Corporation - Omni Spectra® has continued the tradition of excellence by adding power dividers, couplers and customizable / tunable RF equalizers to our products in recent years.

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Product portfolio of XMA

  • Coaxial Adapter up to 18 GHz

  • Coaxial Attenuators up to 65 GHz

  • Cryogenic Attenuators up to 65 GHz

  • Cryogenic Terminations up to 65 GHz

  • Coaxial Terminations up to 50 GHz

  • Directional Couplers up to 18 GHz

  • DC-Blocks up to 50 GHz

  • Power Divider up to 18 GHz

  • Fixed Equalizers up to 18 GHz

  • Dust Caps & Shorts

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