WR6 Fullband Waveguide Power Amplifier 110-170 GHz

New product release by our partner AT Microwave – model # AT-PA-110170-2018

AT-PA-110170-2018 is a fullband WR6 Waveguide Power Amplifier with following specs:

  • Frequency Range: 110-170 GHz
  • PSAT: +18dBm typ.
  • Gain: 20dB
  • Also as LCBT Bench Top +220V Supply with AC/DC Adapter version available
  • Low cost fast lead times

This D-Band waveguide power amplifier will be used for following application:

  • D band Imaging
  • FOD (Foreigner Objects Debris)
  • Test Equipment
  • ROF (RF Over Fiber)
  • Radar System

The power amplifier has high gain, high linearity, low input/output return loss and flat gain response.

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